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Empowering Europe is empowering you to bring the love, freedom and power of Christ to the whole of Europe through your ministry, work and daily lives. It is Europe’s time and God is on the move.

Our desire is to see everyone reach their full potential. We foster ways of giving people a voice and we have gathered together people who can help you on your journey, through our Empowering You Forward initiative and our Equipping Initiative.

We meet annually for a European-wide gathering, we have local events, and we gather on a zoom call every so often to foster true relationships. Empowering Europe is a relational, apostolic, and prophetic network.

Equipping Initiative:
Sonship is the highest goal. Once a believer understands their true identity they become powerful and radiate the love of Christ. Every believer is called to be apostolic in their thinking, proficient in the prophetic, able to disciple others, caring and willing to share the gospel. Within Empowering Europe, we have apostles, prophets and teachers who can minister to your church to equip the saints and your leadership team.

Whether it is strategy you need, or training in New Covenant prophecy, New Covenant theology, or kingdom grace, we are here to help you work through this transitional phase. We know the body of Christ is undergoing a deep transformation and we want to empower you to succeed.

Empowering You Forward
The company of prophets is now spearheading the Empowering You Forward initiative. Are you at a stage in your ministry, church, business, organisation, where you would like some prophetic input to take the next level? We have a team of prophets who can speak into your situation to help you achieve clarity and strategy. Hear what God is saying personally to you or to your organisation. You can book a session.

Whether you would like training and equipping for your church or ministry, through our Equipping Initiative, or you would like personal input at a strategic level to understand what direction God is leading you in, through our Empowering You Forward Initiative; Empowering Europe is here to assist.

Can you benefit from our input?


Recent News

Empowering Europe has had articles written about its gatherings and ministry. We partnered with “Together 4 Europe” in our 2022 gathering and this is the article they wrote about us.


We have been interviewed by Revival News Europe an organisation who report on what God is doing in European nations. This is what they wrote about us.

Review News Europe Article

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European Christian Ministry