Empowering Europe started in 2018. A team of five people heard from God to start a gathering in Germany, inviting people from several European countries. This initiative turned into what Empowering Europe is today, as the leaders felt the call to set up a relational network.

As Empowering Europe these are our core values:

    • Building on the foundations of apostles and prophets.

    • A peer to peer organisation where all are welcome.

    • An on fire, passionate people for Jesus, who want to bring God’s love, power and freedom to Europe.

    • Linking people with various ministries and expertise.

    • Yearly gathering, time to experience God together and build deep friendships with each other.

    • Believe in the new Covenant, the fivefold, victorious eschatology, the gifts of the Spirit, identity, character, and a supernatural loving God who is on the move.

    • Wanting to assist local churches and help them develop.

    • Willing to champion each other and collaborate together.

    • Building locally and all across Europe.

    • Our goal is that every child of God in Europe may be filled with His grace and know Him heart to heart, eye to eye, so that the kingdom will grow and spread everywhere we go.

Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision: Nations changed and lives transformed, through the love, freedom, and power of Christ; “Empowering Europe Empowering You”

Mission: We believe Europe is on God’s heart and he wants to see this continent return to him. Our desire is to empower believers to actively pursue their dreams and callings to see Europe changed in every area of society. We establish a culture that looks like heaven and brings heaven to earth through empowering believers to work together and bring the kingdom of God.

Growth: We want to build well and we are looking to establish healthy growth, to leave a legacy for the next generation.

People: We see the gold in people. We engage with people who love Christ and want to see the kingdom of God established in their nation and across Europe. We are a relational network.

Structure: Annual Gatherings, local events, online connection, and assisting local churches or ministries through our initiatives. 

European Christian Ministry
European Christian Ministry