Empowering Europe Gathering 2022

Saturday 11th June Day Tickets are available for this year’s Empowering Europe event. A blend of a retreat style conference and time to relax and foster connections.

Empowering Europe 2022 in the Netherlands 10th -12th June 2022
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The Gathering is the whole weekend from the 10th until the 12th of June. On Saturday 11th there is the option to come just for the day and be part of what we are doing. All the relevant information is on the registration page. http://www.empoweringeurope.org/registration

Previous Events

Our gatherings have been occasions where trained believers have taken steps in trying something new. In 2019, many men and women got to do something significant for the first time which spurred them on to greater achievements. The presence of God was tangible with us in Hanau Germany.
In 2020 and 2021, we gathered online. Those were shorter times of worship and prophesy, where Europe, nations and individuals were prophesied over to build them up, comfort and exhort, as prophecy calls out the hidden treasure.

Empowering You

Empowering Europe is empowering you to bring the love, freedom and power of Christ to the whole of Europe through your ministry, work and daily lives. It is Europe’s time and God is on the move.

Our desire is to see everyone reach their full potential. We are developing our first series of podcasts and have gathered together people who can help you on your journey, through our Empowering You Forward initiative.