Empowering Europe Gatherings

These are a few main sessions from the weekend gathering in 2019 we would like to share with you. All speakers were translated from English into German.

Vision of Empowering Europe
Speaker: Nathan Goodearl

Vision of Empowering Europe – Nathan Goodearl

Living from Identity
Speaker: Elena Goodearl

Living from your identity

No Holding Back
Speaker: Andreas Kröll

What is holding you back? Exposing four disepowering lies

Speaker: Dorle Prokosch (Fitsch)

Representing the King

Momentum and Presence
Speaker: Elena Goodearl

Equipped to equip

Empowering Europe Zoom Gatherings 2020

Building from our Identity and Authority
Speakers: Elena Goodearl, Andreas and Christine Kröll

Building from Identity and Authority – 6th June 2020