Jesus said that the Great Commission was to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). It is to this end that Empowering Europe was started. God’s heart is for Europe and He wants this continent back!

Empowering Europe was formed by the prompting of the Holy Spirit to empower believers to expand the kingdom in this continent. It is our conviction that is best outworked through relationship. People need to be recognised for who they are. For this to happen believers need to be empowered. This can only be truly done out of relationship. The purpose of Empowering Europe is to bring people with a similar heart into relationship, so that the love and power of Christ is brought in a greater measure to Europe.

We need unity, not uniformity. The Church in Europe needs to arise as one body. It is our belief that we can do more together than we can do apart.

Empowering Europe is not an organisation. It is a family of believers seeking to love and serve each other to see practical change in every area of society in Europe.  We are one another’s spiritual covering and co-workers who want relationship with likeminded believers, churches and ministries that are with us and with each other. God is doing something new in Europe and we encourage you to be part of it.

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