The heart of new covenant worship is the revelation and understanding we are connected to God 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The veil has been torn. Jesus has accomplished everything on the cross and it really is finished. He is the author and perfecter of our faith. We get to live in union with him. We get to choose to live according to who He has already made us.

It is out of a place of gratitude and thanksgiving that we enter into his manifest presence.

Worship focuses our eyes on God and helps us receive from him and spend time in his presence experiencing his love. It is in this place that we can talk with God and hear what he is saying. New covenant worship is relationship with God. It is fulfilling his desire to have a royal priesthood.

We want to encourage all believers to live in this place and when they come together for corporate worship, we encourage freedom and joy. Worship should be spirit led and prophetic. The presence of God in the room should be welcomed and treasured. We always carry the presence of God, however, there is something special about worshiping together. The goal is that this should become normal all over Europe.