Below are resources created by people who are part of Empowering Europe. The languages the resources are available in are shown. The book cover image has the link to external websites in the original language it was written in.


Heavenly Horizons by Irina Blackert. Knowing God Deeper and Overcoming Fear of the Supernatural

Languages: German

This book is for readers who on the one hand long to know the Holy Spirit in a deeper way but on the other hand fear being misguided.

In Part 1 of this book (entitled In which horizon do we live?) offers a biblical foundation of the connection between the natural and the supernatural.

In the second part (The spiritual man – made for two worlds) we explore the wonderful mystery of how God created humans with spirit, soul and body in order to enable humans to wander between the natural and the supernatural worlds.

Under the title Exploring Heavenly Horizons Part 3 deals more with the practice of how to hear and discern the voice of God as well as spiritual manifestations. The aim is to help overcome the fear of supernatural manifestations and to empower believers to safely venture in the glorious supernatural life.

The Solution to the problem by Klaus Degen. Recognise your true identity for a fulfilled life in freedom

Languages: German

This book takes you on an adventurous journey where you will get to know yourself and your heavenly Father in a new, inspiring way. Have you ever asked yourself why you are in this world at all? Whether you are already right, or whether you have to change all the time? Such questions move humanity and perhaps you as well. Your answers to them will determine your whole life and your behaviour. Your freedom and identity essentially depend on the (religious) glasses with which you view your life and the world around you.

Do you want to discover your identity and perhaps even recognise in it that God who considers you valuable, who grants you dignity and who would never control or manipulate your freedom? Your life is too good to be meaningless, outside of your own identity, lived only by external circumstances. Start writing the book of your life today and fill the pages creatively. With who you really are, with your passion, enthusiasm and your way of loving and seeing the world.

Living from the New Jerusalem by Rien van der Maas.

Languages: Dutch and English

Why is it that the new Jerusalem plays such an important role in the last book of the Bible? What does it have to do with life here and now? This book will give you some clues and will open new doors before you. Motivated by his love for the Word of God and the reader, Rien van der Maas will take you on a voyage of discovery. You will come to find out, step by step, that this new city is a spiritual place on earth, where we meet Jesus. This is neither a complicated theological study nor a report solely based on personal experience. It’s more the result of simple Bible understanding that leads to renewal, rejoicing and amazement.

English Version of Living from the New Jerusalem

Blogs and Articles

Radikal Ausgeglichen (Radically Balanced) is a website and blog hosted by Sascha Schmiedl. In times of many arising conflicts and societal division it deals with the question how people could live well together. It follows the example of Matthew 13:52 and combine