Empowering Europe has five co-founders, who work together as a dynamic team. This team of five people has the goal to lead well and empower others. The core team and founders of Empowering Europe are Nathan and Elena Goodearl, Dorle Prokosch, Andreas and Christine Kroell.

We enjoy working together on Empowering Europe as we are keen to partner with God and what he is doing in Europe. We live out our beliefs about being people who carry the love of God to our sphere of society. We are IT consultants, IT project managers, teachers and writers/translators as well as the leaders of Empowering Europe.

We long to inspire people as to what is possible. We each carry different skills and callings, but together, we make Empowering Europe possible and give it its unique flavour of a non corporate, eye to eye, network of people. As you can see we are relational and we enjoy spending time together. There is also a wider group of people who help us make our Empowering Europe gathering a success.