Empowering You Forward Initiative

Empowering You Forward is an initiative that brings together apostles, prophets, teachers, among others, who are connected with Empowering Europe to strengthen people, organisations, businesses, charities, churches and foster healthy leadership. The goal is to connect and journey with people, so they can become the fullness of Christ and achieve everything God has either put in their hearts or asked them to do. It is a very flexible initiative, that is aimed at focusing on those who have a real desire to move forward and take the next step.

Empowering Prophets

Empowering Europe has a company of prophets that started in 2019, who came together to prophesy over Europe and to pray for European nations. As the group grew, prophets were equipped to function confidently in their role, through training material and peer-to-peer mentoring, the sharing of expertise. Company of prophets has already prophesied over people leading charities, churches, and those starting missional communities.

Instead of receiving a word from just one person, that could at best be 10-15 minutes long, the company of prophets prophesies over an individual or leadership for about an hour. That means there is time to establish a connection and to receive multiple words, which fit together to form a beautiful strategy. It is a competition free, loving environment where people receive God’s love and direction. There are generally 3-8 prophets on zoom, who will listen to God and speak into your lives and your organisation.

The company of prophets is now spearheading this Empowering You Forward initiative. Are you at a stage in your ministry, church, business, or organisation, where you would like some prophetic input to take the next step? We have a team of prophets who would be willing to speak into your situation and bring clarity to you about what God is saying to you personally or to your organisation. Company of prophets can speak into your situation and help you.

I felt so loved and blessed during this session. It was like being at a banquet and feasting on the words…… I have so much to process now…… It was really encouraging….It was spot on……

Examples of feedback from those whom we helped.

Empowering Theology

Do you have a desire to equip your church members with New Covenant, grace-filled theology and you would like input and support from someone who has been on this journey for some years? We would be happy to help you. We have a team of apostles, teachers and prophets who can help you in your transition.

Empowering Strategy

Did God lay on your heart a passion or do you feel a stirring to start or grow something? Empowering You Forward is a way of collaborating with other people and partnering with the Holy Spirit to move forward with purpose and unity. We have people who are very good at strategy and connecting people to others who can help them either practically or strategically.

Below is a short presentation about the strategic part of Empowering You Forward.

Empowering You Forward Presentation

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