Empowering Prophets

Are you at a stage in your ministry, church, business, organisation or career where you would like some prophetic input to take the next step?
We have a team of prophets who would be willing to speak into your situation and bring clarity to you about what God is saying to you personally or to your organisation.
We have a team of prophets who can speak into your situation and help you.

Empowering Theology

Do you have a desire to equip your church members with New Covenant, grace-filled theology and you would like input and support from someone who has been on this journey for some years? We would be happy to help you.
We have a team of apostles, teachers and prophets who can help you in your transition.

Empowering Strategy

Did God lay on your heart a passion or do you feel a stirring to start or grow something? Empowering You Forward is a way of collaborating with other people and partnering with the Holy Spirit to move forward with purpose and unity.

Below is a short presentation about the strategic part of Empowering You Forward.

Empowering You Forward Presentation

Contact us if you would like more information or if you would like us to help you with the next step.