Equipping the body of Christ.

The real goal of equipping the body of Christ is to enable believers to step into their sonship, live by their inheritance and live in the rest associated with being a son. Many times people are striving to obtain what they already have. It is only through revelation, understanding and experience that this reality can be fully experienced.

Sonship is the highest goal. Once a believer understands their true identity they become powerful and radiate the love of Christ. Every believer is called to be apostolic in their thinking, prophetic when they tell people what they feel God is saying; able to teach and disciple others; pastoral in the way they care for people and evangelistic in being able to tell people about the kindness of God. Everyone is an ambassador of heaven.

There are some people called as gifts to the body of Christ, who are apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors. Their role is to assist others in their growth in each area and to complete specific assignments God might have given them.

As we are all ambassadors of heaven we are called to reconcile the world to God and extend his kingdom on the earth. Some things will be done for the body of Christ, while others will extend into every sphere of society. For example, this includes business, finance, politics, the arts, media, education, recreation and so many more.

We are here to help believers live in their full potential. With God there is no limit. We believe in leading with the heart of a servant. It is about raising others up and empowering them to move forward, maturing the body of Christ to full unity, where is no elitism or competition. The biblical model for the body of Christ is family.

This is within reach. If you would like us to help you please contact us.

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