Impressions About Europe

When I asked the Lord what he has on his mind, I got the word “shift.” In recent years there has been the time of preparation – a time of preparation of my kingdom, especially my bride, says the Lord.
Often the preparation took place in secret, not seen by many. But now there will be a shift, the bride
is ready to shine. She will be seen in the world with all her treasures, dressed in white and surrounded by a new pure and bright shine. The kingdom of the Lord will be seen more and more in normal everyday life.
And the Lord said, if you think you’re not ready, then that’s a lie. You may not be perfect, but you are ready for the time that lies ahead. You are ready for the tasks I have for you. You are ready for the
things I have planned for you, for I am with you, it is my work and my kingdom, not yours. So if you are close to my heart, I will give you the strength, the boldness and the equipment you need. I will guide you through all circumstances.
In one vision, I saw a lot of brides all over Europe, one here, one there. I saw them dressed in white, their hair coiffed and their faces powdered and everything else to please the groom, ready for the wedding. But if you look at a map of Europe from high above, you could overlook it, that’s how small they look. Suddenly they moved towards each other, finally they met in one place, melted and
merged with each other. You became a great bride floating above the ground. That means they don’t belong to any country or a particular place, it’s a movement. From every place where the brides had set themselves in motion, they drew a thread behind them, so they are still connected to their starting point. Although they were fused into one, I could still see the original brides in their original places. I saw them grow more and more through their connection. They will no longer be hidden, but
will come out into the open and be seen in Europe. And in this process, the smaller brides gave rise to new offshoots, new communities that were attuned to the one common bride. At the same time, I could see how one great bride grew.
I feel that the Lord is telling us: Do not look at your own abilities or possibilities, trust in me. When you are part of this bridal community, you will complement each other throughout your body. Together we are all the precious bride. That includes you.
You are the one who can create new offshoots, new communities. We are in a process and we will see what God has said. Let us hold fast to his promises and move on. The time is now!!

Christine Kroell
Empowering Europe Gathering 2021

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