You Are a Light for Others

I just want to encourage you, each one of you as you are really worthy and valuable to God. Even when you are in difficult or bad situations, this has nothing to do with the love and pleasure God has for you. Everything will be good in the end, even if you don’t see the end of the tunnel at the moment, he will turn it for good. Perhaps not in the way you think, or in the way you want it. Trust in his goodness and grace, that he will bring you through. But not only that, it will end up bringing an advantage to yourself and others.

I tell you that you will impact thousands of people, and that is true. You will touch the lives of thousands and bring them in contact with the goodness of God. Do not think of yourself as too small, neither underestimate what God can do through you.

Perhaps you think, “who am I?” “What can I do? I don’t have a church.” You don’t have to run a church, you do not need a big ministry. you do not need a name, or be anointed by someone to be a great apostle. You don’t need to have a Bible School. You are a beloved child of God and he is pleased with you. You know God and you embrace his love for you. That’s enough. The more you do that, the more this love will flow out of you like a river. God himself will do things through you only because of the impact of his love in you.

In the Kingdom of God, the above are small things. The biggest thing is love. The goal of the fivefold ministry is co communicate this love through the different gifts. As we seee in 1 Cor. 13 it’s all about love. And only love will remain.

It is your smile in the grocery store, you helping an elderly person, you giving someone hope in a desperate situation, you embracing someone who is rejected, you greeting your neighbour with a gentle word. You give people and encounter with the love of God, as God is love and you have enlarged the kingdom. Now you see that it is easy for you to touch thousands of lives in your lifetime. The smaller it looks, the bigger the impact. I speak in the name of Empowering Europe, for us it’s not about big ministries but about people who are in unity, and people who are in love, as together, we expand the kingdom through love and unity.

Empowering Europe Gathering 2020

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