Nations changed and lives transformed through the love, freedom and power of Christ, empowering Europe, empowering you.  


We believe Europe is on God’s heart and He wants to see this continent return to Him. Our desire is to empower believers to actively pursue their dreams and calling to see Europe changed in every area of society. We establish a culture that looks like heaven and brings heaven to earth through empowering believers to work together and build the Kingdom of God.  


We want to build well and we are looking for healthy steady growth to be able to leave a legacy for the next generation.


We build relationships with people who want to make a difference where they are; those who live and work in Europe and love their continent and the people. We engage people who love Christ passionately and want to see the kingdom of God spread in Europe. We connect and do things in teams, because we believe it is healthy and sustainable to go forward together. Our heart is to share and to learn from each other, as we want to be recognised by the love we have for each other. The heartbeat and pulse of this movement is to foster true, real, deep and meaningful community and friendships. We value staying connected and encouraging each other. 


  • Annual meeting to connect, share face to face and worship God together
  • Online Community through videoconferencing
  • Local Empowering Groups 
  • Develop relationships with local churches to help them build the Kingdom

We see the body of Christ in need of healthy fivefold ministry (Ephesians 4). That is why we want to empower the fivefold gifts. We value sound teaching based on the new covenant. We live out our God-given dreams and purposes and empower other Christians to do the same.